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What Are the Benefits?

I ensure you travel like an insider, effortlessly. With meticulous planning, tailored recommendations, and exclusive perks, I elevate your travel experience to extraordinary heights. Whether it's a brief hotel stay or an elaborate getaway, I handle every detail, freeing you to savor the sheer joy of travel.

What We


Leisure Travel at its best

From staycations to safaris, I'm here to transform your vacation dreams into vibrant realities.

With my expertise in curating personalized experiences, I'll manage all the intricate details, customizing each journey to align perfectly with your distinct style and preferences, all while securing bookings at the same cost as direct.

So, let's kickstart vacation mode right from the planning stage!


Group Trips, beyond the hotels

From multi-generational family adventures to unforgettable girls' getaways with your closest friends, heartwarming reunions, and celebrating special occasions, I'm here to curate experiences that are as extraordinary as the companions you travel with.

Group travel transcends mere hotel stays; it's about embarking on immersive journeys. As your committed Travel Advisor, I'll manage every facet, ensuring no detail is overlooked in crafting a remarkable group travel experience.



● Hotel and venue sourcing/negotiation and contracting

● Exclusive group dining experiences

● Group ground transportation 

● Dedicated travel manager

● Personalized amenities for group stays and events



Business Travel...With pleasure

When it comes to orchestrating corporate and business trips, I understand the paramount importance of meticulous attention to detail and tailored experiences. I'm here to navigate all the intricacies for you, making sure each step flows seamlessly. From crafting one-of-a-kind experiences to skillfully managing every logistical aspect, rest assured, I've got you covered – from the moment you begin packing to your return home.


● A 4,500+ preferred global supplier network offering preferred business corporate rates

● Preferred supplier rates and perks that align with your projected budget


From staycations to safaris....


● Hotels & villas

● Short-term rentals



● Local guides

● Bespoke travel itineraries

● Culinary & fine dining experiences



● All major lines



● Car rentals

● Ground transportation

● Jet charters & helicopters

● Yacht charter



● Travel insurance

Angela planned the most incredible trip for me and was so patient even when once the first itinerary was set, I made a major change that required much more work on her part. She arranged a well thought out trip for me with all the major sites and suggestions for what to skip and what not to miss. This was my first time working with a travel expert like Angela and it will be how I book all my travel from now on!

Monika, booked travel to Ireland 

On top of Fort de Sao in Nazare Portugal looking at the crashing waves of Nazare Beach.


+1 516.353.4338



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