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The amazing AMA Waterways River Cruises
View From Above, the historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu Peru
Victoria Street in Edinburgh Scotland. Most picturesque street of all!
Kodawari Ramen Tsukiji in Paris France
Four Seasons Hotel Madrid

Unique Services

"At Unbound Travels, we specialize in crafting tailored journeys, recognizing the value of borrowing expertise. With our support, enjoy a meticulously planned trip, where decision-making is seamless, and your highest wishes direct us to bring your travel dreams to life effortlessly."

Start Here: Let's Gather Info!

Begin your adventure by emailing or scheduling a 15-minute call. This initial step focuses on gathering information to kick off the planning process. While it won't include finalized itineraries or bookings, it's a crucial starting point for your upcoming journey. Let's get started!

Tailored Travel Consultation - Gateway to Your Custom Itinerary

Embark on your dream journey with Unbound Travels' Travel Consultation, the starting point for Custom Travel Itinerary Design. I'll guide you through destination exploration, hotel recommendations, and even arrange complimentary hotel bookings. 

  • Personalized Guidance: Discover destinations, and explore travel options from Cruises to Vacation packages. 

  • What You'll Receive: A *Foundational itinerary. 3 hotel quotes per destination of your itinerary to choose from. Excursion and Activity recommendations. Suggested transportations. Restaurant suggestions. ​*Foundational Itinerary: A basic travel plan serving as the initial framework for further customization and detail.

  • Consultation Fee:  Starting at $250 (excluding 3.5% CC transaction fee). If you proceed with Custom Travel Itinerary Design, this fee becomes a contribution to your total trip planning cost.

  • Payment Process: You will receive a Consultation Service Contract and an Invoice link, to be paid in advance. 

To receive your Tailored Travel Consultation — Contact Me 

Custom Travel Itinerary Design 

Having collaborated on identifying your dream destination, preferred hotels, and envisioned trip, I'm excited to take the reins and craft, design, and secure all the day-to-day details for your journey with this Full Custom Itinerary Design Service . *Includes an on-the-go travel app with your detailed itinerary for all travelers. 

  • Full Travel Planning Service:  Starting at $1100 for up to 2 travelers for 1 week (7 days) of travel, $200 per additional adult. 

  • Solo Travel Planning Service:  Starting at $750 for up to 1 week (7 days of travel) 

  • Weekend Getaway (3 days or less):  Starting at $550 

  • Group Getaways:  10% of total trip cost for 8 travelers or more. (this includes Corporate events and Weddings). 

  • Last Minute Requests: A $150 supplement fee applies to rushed or last-minute bookings. Travel during peak seasons, like summer in Italy and Greece or Festive Season travels, requires a minimum lead time of 4-5 months. Planning up to a year in advance is advisable for locations like Japan and Safari.

* Minimum budget for Custom Travel Itinerary Design is, $1000 a day depending on the destination and number of travelers. Does not apply to Solo Travelers. Groups $1,000 per person.

** You will receive a Planning Service Contract and an Invoice link, to be paid in advance. 

To receive your Custom Travel Itinerary Design — Contact Me 

Terms & Conditions

At Unbound Travels, I cherish my clients and aim to eliminate any unexpected surprises during your trip. In the spirit of openness, I want you to be aware that there are no hidden fees or terms. Let's discuss them openly and ensure you have all the information you need.

  • All Services require a signed service contract except for "Other Services" listed below 

  • Service Fees are paid in advance. 

  • Credit Card Processing Fee of 3.5% is added to Subtotal when paying with credit cards. For payments over $10,000 only, ACH / Wire Transfer Processing Fee of $15 is added to Subtotal when paying through fund transfers.

  • If you need to postpone before planning begins, you have one year to use the credit from your fee, with additional fees applying. If planning has already started, and you need to postpone, there will be an additional fees based on the planning stage.

  • There are no refunds on service fees.

  • Any booking cancellations incur a 10% penalty of the trip cost. Inquire about travel insurance for additional information.


Other Services

Travel Insurance:  I happily provide complimentary quotes for ALL trips and bookings I handle on your behalf. I STRONGLY EMPHASIZE the importance of TRAVEL INSURANCE for all my clients. This is an area where cutting costs is not advisable.

Flights:  While I don't directly handle flight ticketing, I'm delighted to suggest the best flight schedules for your custom itinerary. Alternatively, you can explore our partnered Flight Ticketing service, offering Economy Plus, Business, or First Class options for an extra fee. This additional cost covers access to a 24/7 Travel Emergency number and flight monitoring for changes, ensuring a positive and secure travel experience. Do note that extra charges apply for changes, reissued tickets, and cancellations. Feel free to inquire via email for detailed rates.

Returning Client VIP Booking Concierge:  For returning clients, enjoy complimentary booking services. Just email me your travel details, and I'll handle everything. Relax and indulge in exclusive perks and VIP benefits from our partners—let me make your travel hassle-free.

On-The-Go-Travel Itinerary App:  Enhance your Tailored Travel Consultation experience with our travel app for just $100. Access your itinerary conveniently on-the-go, with real-time flight tracking alerts and all reservation confirmations accessible on your phone.

Angela planned the most incredible trip for me and was so patient even when once the first itinerary was set, I made a major change that required much more work on her part. She arranged a well thought out trip for me with all the major sites and suggestions for what to skip and what not to miss. This was my first time working with a travel expert like Angela and it will be how I book all my travel from now on!

Monika, booked travel to Ireland 

On top of Fort de Sao in Nazare Portugal looking at the crashing waves of Nazare Beach.


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