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Musee YSL in Paris Seeing the fashion master's garment "sketch book"


Luxury Travel Designer

Hello there! I'm Angela Huang Walsh, the visionary behind Unbound Travels. With over 30 years in the fashion industry, my knack for discovering the extraordinary and leading with creativity has earned me recognition worldwide. From directing design teams to curating global trends, my journey has been a testament to innovation and excellence.

Originating from Asia and having lived in vibrant cities across the U.S., I've woven diverse cultures into the fabric of my life. My wanderlust was ignited during family adventures, leading me to explore the world's most exquisite destinations and immerse myself in unparalleled experiences.

Unbound Travels is not just a consultancy; it's my passion project. As a fellow traveler, I understand that the smallest details can transform a journey. With Unbound Travels, I aim to share my experiences and insights, ensuring that your travels are seamless, transformative, and filled with joy. Join me in reshaping your travel narrative—where bespoke meets wanderlust, and every journey reflects your unique style. Let's craft your next unforgettable adventure together.

On top of Fort de Sao in Nazare Portugal looking at the crashing waves of Nazare Beach.


+1 516.353.4338



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